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Connie Post is a San Francisco Bay Area Poet. She served as the first Poet Laureate of Livermore, California from 2005 - June 2009. During her term, she created two popular reading series "Wine and Words" and "Ravenswood". She wrote 25 poems for civic and community events. The City of Livermore published this collection entitled "In a City of Words".

Connie is an award winning poet, and the author of over ten collections of poetry. In 2012, her chapbook "And When the Sun Drops" won the 2012 Aurorean Editor's Choice Awards. Her first full length collection "Flood Water" was release by Glass Lyre Press in 2014 and won the Lyrebird Award. Connie's most recent collection "Prime Meridian" was released in January 2020 (Glass Lyre Press). Prime Meridian was a finalist in the 2020 Best Book Awards and the American Fiction Awards. (American Book Fest)

She has taught poetry workshops at Book Passage, Sebastopol Center for the Arts and many other venues. She has served as the keynote speaker at several Bay Area Literary events.

Connie Post has been an advocate for autism for many years. She has presented to many local community colleges and groups on the subject of parenting and advocacy. Her podcast about having a son with severe autism was on a podcast "Nobody Told me" in early 2020

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  • Prime Meridian American Fiction Awards Finalist

    Prime Meridian

    These poems are of a seer – unwrapping time, being, the Change we are igniting. The considerations are hard-won — who we are, what is coming upon us in this age, the passage we are entering and the exit – the seer knows it. There are no exhortations, no longings or forecasts, only the seeing,...

Connie Post writes “there are lost fish swimming at our feet” and indeed these poems are filled with the losses of a lifetime. Yet time and again, Connie has the courage to reach for healing. In a poem in which she adopts a lost dog, she observes, “how forgiveness finds a small/edge/a thin slat/to glide through,” and in “A Road of my Own”...

Anyone familiar with autism knows that it consists of a devastating spectrum of developmental disorders that affect a child’s ability to learn, communicate and socialize. Connie Post’s And When the Sun Drops relates the tale of one mother’s experience of her son’s autism. In “By the Window,” the speaker addresses her son about ...

Like all true poets, Connie Post sharpens language to pierce and rejuvenate the outer-skin of appearances. Again and again, her teasingly punctuated poems pull us aside. One poem asks an X-ray technician “how can she know the secrets of the body / the broken bits of history – not detectable / by her kind of light.” These feisty poems ...

Host Erica Goss interviews Livermore's first Poet Laureate Connie Post and Past Poet Laureate Kevin Gunn on Word to Word

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